Rebecca Elizabeth Moss & Robert James Williams

We are honored and humbled by the decision of Becca and Rob to request donations to the Saint Louis Military Officer Support Foundation in lieu of gifts. What incredible, selfless leaders who truly care about the future of this nation. We asked Becca to send a few words about why this organization is important to both her and Rob. She sent us the following:

SLMOSF has been an incredibly influential piece in me becoming who I am today. I met Keath when I was 18 and about to start college. Originally, I had no intentions of doing anything military related. I wanted to do nursing, something where I could give back to the community. Some of my friends talked about this military workout group and I began reading books on the military. I then knew I had to do it. I showed up to one of Keath’s workouts awkward and shy. One of the other trainees took me under her wing (Kelly McKenzie) and showed me the ropes. After that very first day I knew this was for me. I’ve never known such a motivated, hardworking and supportive group in my life. By the end of summer I switched schools and programs so I could do ROTC.

Keath taught me how to channel my motivation into sheer power and hard work. He has always believed in me and helped me push myself to my limits, he always said “you’re not done until you’re body is done.” This phrase has been something I would tell myself over and over throughout my training. Keath and Megan have given endless support to me throughout my college experience. They would always check up on how I’m doing and made me part of the family!

I’ve always been a hard worker , but because of SLMOSF I took risks that I may not have without the newfound confidence in my physical abilities. I joined the Ranger Challenge and Ranger Buddy teams. They compete in long endurance competitions. During my sophomore year I met Rob while doing Ranger Buddy. We both bonded through our hard work and love to run and ruck together. What started as a great friendship turned into a relationship. Since then we’ve both participated in Bataan Memorial March, two Ranger Buddy competitions and ran a marathon together!

We both love the opportunities that SLMOSF gives all cadets. Keath truly cares about our nations future leaders. It starts with hard work and perseverance. For all that SLMOSF had given me, I’d like to give some back.

– Becca