Join us for our Patriot Training Foundation 2020 Virtual Challenge!

Our highest fundraiser will receive a $100 gift card to Benchmade!

During the week of October 11-17, 2020 join our Virtual Challenge. Whether you run, jog, walk, swim, row, bike, finish a Shark Fitness boot camp or dominate some Military PT you will be supporting the Patriot Training Foundation and keeping fit during the pandemic! The instructions are simple: complete any activity at any distance for any length of time in any location you choose and log your results on our Virtual Challenge. Then, after you confirm your admission fee, we highly encourage you to share the Virtual Challenge on all your social media platforms to show off your hard work and inspire donations from friends and family. We want anyone and everyone to be involved! Please sign up, spread the word, and become a fundraiser!

Obviously COVID-19 has affected the Patriot Training Foundation’s ability to hold fundraising events in 2020. As you know, our spring wine tasting event and annual trivia night that was scheduled for June were both canceled. 

Despite these challenges, the Patriot Training Foundation continues to provide great preparation and training for St. Louis men and women heading off to service academies and ROTC programs. Some of our training includes Zoom leadership discussions with PTF alumni and retired and active duty military personnel from around the globe. We also conduct livestream PT (physical training) four times per week and have outdoor small group training days at our Warrior Training Facility. Not only do we train these young American patriots in marksmanship, obstacle course skills, and fitness, we prepare them for leadership challenges they will face in the miliatry and civilian world.

Our Plebe (Freshmen) Cadets and Midshipmen are already reporting that their transitions have been easier than their peers due to training with PTF, and many of our longtime trainees have earned high level leadership positions within their programs.  

In addition to our patriots in the military, the law enforcement departments we serve experienced an extremely difficult year thus far. The Patriot Training Foundation is proud, and always will be, to support the brave men and women of law enforcement. Knowing they risk their lives for our country, we provide training opportunities that focus on skill development and decision-making, never charging a dime for our efforts. 

As always, we cannot thank you enough for your support. With your help, we can succeed in our mission to train young people in the St. Louis area that have courageously chosen to defend our nation and our communities through military service or law enforcement. Help us continue our fight to build these patriots and sign up today!

2020 Virtual Challenge Results

While the Virtual Challenge is active, you can see the results at the Race Page. After the Challenge is completed, results will be posted here.