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2111 Bonroyal Dr.
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  • SLMOSF is a MO. 501 (c)(3) non profit organization. Donations are tax deductable under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.




Join us at Mile 277 on May 31st for a concert to benefit SLMOSF, featuring the SMASH Band. For tickets or more information regarding this event, please Click, Print and Call.


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide fitness, weapons, combatives, medical, water confidence, land navigation and tactical training to those from the Greater Saint Louis area that have been accepted to, attend or serve as an active duty commissioned officer through a United States military academy (United States Military Academy-West Point, United States Naval Academy, United States Air Force Academy and United States Coast Guard Academy), R.O.T.C. or Officer Candidate School. We have also provided this training to select enlisted personnel with a combat military occupational specialty (MOS). When deployed, we organize frequent shipments of care packages filled with food, entertainment and needed supplies.


In 2004, SLMOSF President Keath Hausher was inspired after meeting an Army Cadet while on break from West Point.  The Cadet’s intelligence, motivation, patriotism and eagerness to learn were extraordinary!  Hausher, a long time expert in the area of fitness and shooting, began assisting his development in those areas over the course of the next year.  The Cadets responsibilities expanded at West Point which soon offered the chance for the trainee to become the trainer.  His leadership and ability to inspire his fellow Cadets earned him a commendation and the opportunity to lead his company’s Sandhurst Team.  Hausher was asked to assist him with the development and execution of a training program for the competition.  The first time Hausher passed through the gates of West Point, he quickly realized that there were four thousand other remarkable young men and women who could benefit from his experience and instruction.  Word traveled quickly and soon, Hausher’s fitness programs were making an impact on the community.  Through word of mouth, prospective officers from all United States military academies were taking advantage of the training.  Privately funded, expenses were soaring to $25K annually and Hausher’s friends offered to help raise funds toward the endeavor which led to the 2008 start of the Saint Louis Military Officer Support Foundation, a Missouri 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Military programs, courses and qualifications are highly competitive.  The moment a young man or woman decides to pursue a career in the Armed Forces, they are instantly judged against their peers.  From the admission process to graduation, responsibilities, privileges and opportunities are earned according to rank.  At West Point, senior Cadets file into a large hall in November and based on class rank, choose the branch (Infantry, Armor, Aviation, etc.) that will be the basis of their military career.  In February each branch has “Post Night” where again, based on rank they choose the specific unit that they will serve with.  SLMOSF also helps prepare officers for some of the world’s most demanding programs like Ranger School, BUD/S, SFAS and the Q-Course.  Our first generation of officers serve in units such as the 75th Ranger Regiment, U. S. Navy SEALs and Green Berets.  By no means do we take credit in their success…but we helped provide the tools necessary for them to use along the way.  In 2010, a record 1400 New Cadet Candidates reported to West Point with the hopes of becoming part of the long Gray Line.  At the end, SLMOSF trained Cadets earned the top three scores on the Army Physical Fitness Test.  That is an incredible beginning to a long road of intense challenges.

Each year, our sphere of influence expands dramatically. Thanks to the support of St. Louisans, we expanded our training to include basic combatives, water confidence and force on force tactical simulation via paint markers. Nearly 60 local high school seniors trained with SLMOSF last year prior to their entry into a military officer program. Each commissioned officer has the responsibility to pass the training along to fellow leaders and those under their command. As a result, the impact SLMOSF has becomes impossible to estimate and reaches to U.S. military installations across the globe.