In 2004, Patriot Training Foundation (formerly Saint Louis Military Officer Support Foundation – SLMOSF) President Keath Hausher was inspired after meeting an Army Cadet while on break from West Point.  The Cadet’s intelligence, motivation, patriotism and eagerness to learn were extraordinary!  Hausher, a long time expert in the area of fitness and shooting, began assisting his development in those areas over the course of the next year.  The Cadets responsibilities expanded at West Point which soon offered the chance for the trainee to become the trainer.  His leadership and ability to inspire his fellow Cadets earned him a commendation and the opportunity to lead his company’s Sandhurst Team.  Hausher was asked to assist him with the development and execution of a training program for the competition.  The first time Hausher passed through the gates of West Point, he quickly realized that there were four thousand other remarkable young men and women who could benefit from his experience and instruction.  Word traveled quickly and soon, Hausher’s fitness programs were making an impact on the community.  Through word of mouth, prospective officers from all United States military academies were taking advantage of the training.  Privately funded, expenses were soaring to $25K annually and Hausher’s friends offered to help raise funds toward the endeavor which led to the 2008 start of the Saint Louis Military Officer Support Foundation, a Missouri 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


felker_photo_300x150A testimonial from
the inspiration for SLMOSF
Captain Charlie Felker (Ret.)

My name is Captain Charlie Felker and I [was] an Executive Officer in the 3rd Ranger Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment based out of Fort Benning, GA. I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Hausher since my sophomore year at West Point and my personal development as an officer and leader has since improved dramatically. He taught me how to design, implement and monitor physical training programs. That aspect allowed me better prepare and connect with the cadets and soldiers under the umbrella of my responsibility. Mr. Hausher’s guidance helped me graduate from the grueling US Army Ranger Course. As an infantry platoon leader, physical fitness and marksmanship skills are absolutely essential to mission readiness, success and survival. Mr. Hausher helped physically and mentally prepared me for the demanding challenges that a 10-month long deployment to eastern Afghanistan presents and supported our efforts with weekly care packages. My platoon was positioned in a very remote area very close to the border of Pakistan and did not have phone or email capabilities. From time to time, we would make the four hour drive to our support base, frequently enduring ambushes or IED attacks, to resupply. One of the highlights of the trip was the “mountain” of boxes sent by Mr. Hausher and the supporters he organized. The food, supplies, entertainment and letters of support were enormous morale boosters. From the rifle and pistol ranges to the weight room, Mr. Hausher’s dedication, selfless service and examples of leadership have made me a better leader of our nation’s warriors. Captain Felker has completed three deployments to Afghanistan and has received two Bronze Stars as well as a nomination for the McArthur Award for exceptional leadership. He deployed for the fourth time and served as a Ranger Company Executive Officer. He is the original inspiration for our Foundation.

Thank you to our corporate sponsors and partners for their generous and continued support of PTF!