SLMOSF Trainee (Identity is classified)

I have had the pleasure of training with Mr. Hausher since late 2005. I consider Mr. Hausher to be an expert on functional physical fitness; his programs and knowledge were at the heart of what my men did to remain in peak physical condition. There is another area where Mr. Hausher’s knowledge and proficiency is nearly unmatched save for the highest levels of the military and government: In the training, employment and synchronization of various personal weapons and movement strategies in multiple tactical settings. I have completed or are currently attending some of the most demanding training the US military has to offer and I can attest to the talent and expertise Mr. Hausher brings to the table. I routinely take back the tactics and techniques he teaches to my own men to use. Through the pistol theory Mr. Hausher showed me I was able to modernize much of what an entire company did to prepare for close-in and extended firefights on the streets of Iraq. There are two underlying principles that underlie why training with someone of Mr. Hausher’s expertise, patriotism and knowledge are of vital importance.

Similar to any other profession where its practitioners are constantly pushing the creative frontiers – doctors, scientists, engineers – United States military officers must read journals, seek new channels for growth and development and immerse themselves in their field in order to become the type of warrior-leaders that this nation demands and the men that serve under us deserve. Mr. Hausher’s training serves this purpose exceptionally well and I cannot think of a more professionally worthwhile experience than training in that environment. Bottom-line.

Sometimes there is not enough time or resources to train troopers to the standard of excellence that would otherwise be attained institutionally. It is up to the officers and those charged with both the safety of the men and the eradication of our nation’s enemies to train themselves in order that they can pass on to the frontline warriors the knowledge and training that is of such paramount importance. Mr. Hausher’s methods and capabilities are the solution in this area.

SLMOSF Trainee since 2008

I have worked with Keath Hausher on many occasions and in several environments. I can say without hesitation Mr. Hausher is a tremendous individual who will give everything he can and exhaust every resource to support the men and women of our nation’s armed forces.

The goal for St. Louis Military Foundation is to prepare men and women in ways their respective communities cannot assist in. Sadly, at the Naval Academy I was only able to shoot twice in four years. The first time was three weeks into Plebe Summer and the second opportunity came in my senior year with the other Naval Special Warfare candidates. There is no way as an officer I can lead from the front if I don’t even know how to handle a weapon. The SEAL community is fundamentally grounded in being expertly competent shooters with an array of weapons. I have not met anyone who can teach shooting better than Keath Hausher. I have much more confidence with sidearms and rifle shooting with Mr. Hausher than I would have otherwise.

This group’s paramount objective is making sure the men and women overseas are more capable and safer so they can come back to the land they risked their lives to keep free.

SLMOSF Trainee since 2007

The United States Marine Corps prides itself as one of the most elite military organizations in the world.  We put our recruits through some of the most grueling physical fitness training, and we spend sun-up to sun-down in the most austere weather conditions for weeks at a time at rifle ranges to ensure our Marines are set up for success when faced with the strenuous demands of combat.  I know first-hand the feeling of intense pain and I have trained with some of the best Marksmanship coaches the military has to offer.  With all that said, I am still humbled every time I train with Keath Hausher.

I met Mr. Hausher after commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.  After commissioning, each officer has to attend a 6-month long infantry basic training called The Basic School (TBS).  TBS is a fast-paced, high stress, physically and mentally demanding environment.  There are several roadblocks to graduation including injuries, failing any event, or simply not living up to the Marine Corps standards.  Mr. Hausher’s fitness “boot camps” and personal training prepared me for the physical events at TBS such as the 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 mile hikes with 90lbs of gear, the endurance course, the obstacle course, and the semi-annual physical fitness tests.  In addition, Mr. Hausher taught me the proper shooting mechanics—grip, stance, balance, trigger control, sight management—and improved my speed and combat accuracy.  With the help of Mr. Hausher’s outstanding fitness program and exceptional marksmanship coaching, I graduated in the top 25 percent of my company, finished 10th out of 300 in military skills, and scored the highest marks on both the rifle and pistol courses of fire.

After graduation, I received orders to the 1st Marine Air Wing in Okinawa, Japan.  Almost immediately, because of my experience with Mr. Hausher, I was put in charge of the Squadron’s competition shooting team, a position normally reserved for a veteran of the Division Matches or a senior officer.   We competed in the Far East Division Matches in late January of 2009.  It is an honor and a privilege to use the skills I learned from Mr. Hausher to coach some of the nation’s finest warriors in combat marksmanship.

I cannot fully express my sincere gratitude for the time and effort that Mr. Hausher dedicates to training the nation’s military officers in the St. Louis area.  Indisputably, his training regimen and extensive knowledge of marksmanship techniques are unparalleled.


SLMOSF Trainee since 2008

Throughout my career I have trained with many different athletes, coaches, Cadets, Midshipmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers. Keath Hausher’s experience, expertise, and motivation are perfect for basic and advanced level nutrition, fitness, weight and cardiovascular training, as well as weapons handling and marksmanship. Mr. Hausher’s knowledge is unmatched by anyone in St. Louis. The only element which exceeds his knowledge is his desire. Mr. Hausher’s desire to teach and mentor is his greatest asset. Grounded in his virtues of hard work, patriotism, and teamwork, Mr. Hausher is eager to pass on his knowledge to Cadets, Midshipmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers. My experiences with him have been professional and learning experiences at all times. I have been proud to work with him and I often brag to my fellow Marines about him. I am excited to continue working with him and the St. Louis Military Officers Support Foundation.