When can individuals begin training with Patriot Training Foundation?

Once an official line of communication has begun with the various officer candidate programs or recruiter, an individual may begin training with Patriot Training Foundation. We have rolling admission into the program and often train alongside civilian Clients of Shark Fitness. From time to time active members home on leave also provide instruction.

The military academies provide an “Ivy League” caliber education and unparalleled training experience…why do they need additional training at home?

“High school hero…West Point zero.”  The young men and women who attend the United States service academies are the best and brightest our country produces each year.  They are the valedictorians, team captains, student council presidents and community service leaders yet when they arrive to the academies; they are a small fish in a big lake of overachievers.  Almost immediately, they are placed in a super competitive environment and are graded and ranked according to performance.  Placing high earns the cadets better positions of responsibility, more privileges and opportunities unavailable to those who don’t fare as well. Like academy graduates, ROTC and OCS officers choose their branch of service (infantry, armor, special forces, flight school, etc.) and post assignment in order of class rank at the end of their training. These young, ambitious Saint Louisans compete for the chance to serve their country in a very dangerous environment…shouldn’t we do what we can to help insure their success and safety?

What does PTF provide to law enforcement departments and what is the cost?

Our 563-acre facility is exceptionally well suited to provide realistic training scenarios that are typically unavailable with department owned ranges. Through several kinetic, entry, critical decision, sniper, underground (low light) and ballistic entry ranges, we can simulate many of the same conditions an officer or team could face on the street. Our isolation from dense residential areas allows the use of a wide spectrum of less lethal munitions and ballistic entry devices which would be prohibited from use on metropolitan ranges. Our long-range precision ranges reach out to nearly 1200 yards and multiple sniper stations allow for their collaboration with entry teams, moving targets and unusual shooting positions. We have several remote and robotic targets that add more realism to training. Furthermore, our facility is ideal for multi-department training which encourages better communication and cooperation between regional commands. All of this is provided without cost to the department and/or officer. Departments are welcome to provide funding, but it is NEVER a requirement.

Does PTF provide training or just a facility?

The goal is to provide better training opportunities for those who serve…our President and Lead Instructor can provide primary to highly advanced training or simply open the gate for department instructors. PTF does have two POST certified courses in Tactical Rifle and Pistol and has worked with military shooters for the last 18 years…including many in the special operations community. PTF has raised money for our local mission through government contracts with special operations teams to provide small arms training. The skills taught are a collaboration of the those used by Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard special operation groups and LE Tactical Teams which provides a wealth of shared information. Those who serve behind a badge or camo deserve every training opportunity available…we simply strive to facilitate those opportunities from any viable source.

Our lead instructor, Keath Hausher has 40+ years of experience with firearms and has completed several advanced and instructor law enforcement/military courses at Blackwater, Midwest Tactical and Sig Sauer.  He is rated expert in pistol and rifle via standardized qualification courses and routinely shoots a perfect score. He is also a firearms instructor through the Department of Defense. He currently holds every record at our range.

How often is training?

We train all year long to various degrees with our most intense training occurring between May and August each year. A typical training day includes PT followed by military skills. Like us on Facebook to keep track of our daily training updates.

Where does Patriot Training Foundation get funding?

For the first few years, Mr. Hausher funded the organization out of his own pocket. Given the fact that we are a one-of-a-kind non-profit fundraising is challenging. We hold several fundraising events each year and rely on the generosity of patriotic individuals and organizations who support the young men and women of our military and law enforcement. We are eager to explore additional opportunities and partnerships for fundraising.